Fairfax Ryeland Wool
Our flock of Ryeland and Coloured Ryeland sheep was started in 2010 with the grand total of five breeding ewes. Our flock has now grown considerably yet our passion for the breed and our ethos of high welfare, compassionate farming remains the same. Our sheep, as with most Ryelands, are incredibly friendly; allowing us a unique opportunity to interact and witness their unique personalities. Each one is known to us by name and we’re able to track the fleece of individual sheep from farm to end product.

Ryeland and Coloured Ryeland sheep have a long history of wool production; producing a medium soft wool suitable for knitting yarn, being woven or felted. Whilst the Ryeland has a uniform cream fleece, the Coloured Ryeland can range from the palest silver through to dark chocolate and anywhere in between. The range of colours we’re able to collect from our flock creates a beautiful product, with no two batches being the same.

We welcome visitors by appointment. If you’re a wool enthusiast wanting to see the fleeces walking around the fields or are interested in Ryeland sheep please contact us so we can arrange a time for you to come and meet everyone.